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Welcome to a New World of Board Games

Our Games

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AMASS: Battle For Resources on Planet XS

In Amass, deep space mining crews fight to gather resources on a hostile alien planet. The goal of the game is to complete your mining contract while collecting the most valuable resources. Fight for resources scattered across the planet, raid resources from other crew encampments and look out for the hostile Alien Raiders

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White Noise

White Noise is a card game of survival and adventure in deep space. You are a space traveler who is lost and must find your way home. But the journey is full of dangers and mysteries. You must use your wits, skills and luck to overcome the challenges and obstacles that await you.

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Escape From Mars

You are not alone...

Escape from Mars is a single player hidden traitor game.

An alien virus has infected the crew of Mars Base Epsilon, the first off world colony, and strange insect like creatures swarm the outpost. Players must discover and quarantine the alien host, living among them, inside one of the crew, they must also gather alien gene samples, then via the communication room, request rescue. It’s a race against time as crew become infected, drone aliens will be drawn to the colony until eventually an Apex alien will arrive and wreak havoc on the colony and its crew.

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A Cooperative hybrid; Defensive Combat, Area Control, Worker Placement, Territory
Building, Push Your Luck, Strategic Survival Game. Outbreak is a cooperative board game for 1 to 8 players, designed by Richard Davis. You play as a survivor group in a post-apocalyptic world where you are trying to build and protect the Survivor City from the zombie hordes, before they reach the Main Base and kill the innocent inside.

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HERO: Quest for the most heroic.

In HERO, players take the roles of adventurers who embarked on a quest to become a hero of The Land of Lacuna. Lacuna is a rugged land filled with opportunity, a brave adventurer can prove themselves by completing quests, defeating foes, from goblins to fearsome ogres, farming cattle, fishing, trading, sinking pirate ships and more. Each player assembles and equips their own army, hiring various warriors from archers to knights to the powerful wizard. All of them have one goal in mind: to become the most heroic!

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What are we up to?

We are working on Escape From Mars.

Lockdown gave us more time to play single players games and prompted us to make our own single player Sci-fi horror game - but with a twist, this would be a single player hidden traitor game, we believe a first in the genre.

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Dead Zone

Everyone’s hungry in the Dead Zone. A group of survivors must work together and stay alive in the dead zone. Dead Zone: puts 1-6 players in a colony of survivors in a world where humanity has been ravaged by a flesh-eating diseased.

Dead Zone is a cooperative survival game, featuring tactical base building, tower defence elements, with resource management and risk vs reward decisions. Player move around the dead zone gathering material and supplies to support and evolve the colony. This attracts the dead and the colony can soon get overrun. Players work together toward one common victory condition, but how that victory is achieved is up to each individual player as there are many ways to overcome the obstacles.

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