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Escape From Mars

Escape From Mars: A Hidden Traitor Survival Game

You are part of a crew on Mars Base Epsilon, the first off-world colony. But something has gone terribly wrong. An alien virus has infected one of your crewmates and turned them into monstrous insect-like creature. This alien host is hiding among you and spreading the infection. Can you find out who it is and quarantine them before it’s too late? Can you also collect alien gene samples and contact Earth for rescue? And can you survive the onslaught of alien drones and the terrifying alpha alien?

Escape from Mars is a deduction, horror, sci-fi puzzle for 1-4 players. You will have to explore the colony, search for clues and items, manage your crew’s health and infection levels, fight off aliens with dice combat, deal with crisis events and distrustful crew members, seal off parts of the base and set defenses, send a robot to rescue fallen crew members, prepare medicines and vaccines, stock up on ammo, jump in a space suit and search the planet surface, research the alien gene codes, destroy the alien drones and hold out until the rescue ship arrives.

But be careful: one of you may be an alien host in disguise. Will you escape from Mars…or bring doom to Earth?

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1-4 Player, 2+ Hours

Solo Centric with optional multiplayer co-op

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