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Dead Zone

Dead ZOne

Explore the Dead Zone, defend your colony.

Everyone’s hungry in the Dead Zone.

A group of survivors must work together and stay alive in the dead zone. Dead Zone: puts 1-6 players in a colony of survivors in a world where humanity has been ravaged by a flesh-eating diseased.

Dead Zone is a cooperative survival game, featuring tactical base building, tower defence elements, with resource management and risk vs reward decisions. Player move around the dead zone gathering material and supplies to support and evolve the colony. This attracts the dead and the colony can soon get overrun. Players work together toward one common victory condition, but how that victory is achieved is up to each individual player as there are many ways to overcome the obstacles.

Dead Zone survivors must find the best way to work together to fight off threats in the zone, resolve crises, find supplies, and keep the colony's defences intact. Players will have to make difficult, heavily-thematic risk and reward decisions.

Each round a new event is revealed, survivors choose where and what to do, head deep into the dead zone looking for materials, or stay and defend the camp, start construction on a new project, or go hunting for food.

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