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New Year, Old Game

Hello, I'm Richard, creator and designer at Dark Frontier Games. It's a new year and here at DFG, we're working hard to get Outbreak ready to launch. Outbreak, is the first game I ever designed and it has been in development for a LONG time (almost 7 years as of this article). It has been so long for a few reasons. Firstly, I spent way too much time designing it, and consequently, it got rather large. This meant more costs in production, so we decided to launch a smaller game first, with a lower funding total. This has worked for us, as Amass, our first release was successfully funded in 2022 and we now have a great customer base. I'm really excited to be working on Outbreak again, we have had lots of positive feedback about the game, I'm so excited to see where it goes. Do we need another zombie board game? I think we do...



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